Fred Miranda's Actions and the DC4800

Started Feb 17, 2002 | Discussions thread
Kiran P Senior Member • Posts: 2,198
Re: Fred Miranda's Actions and the DC4800

Not to sound cheap, but I picked up info on this great utility on other forums here and it works really really well. Best of all, the demo is free but fully functional. Check out the link to download for Neat Image. It does have an associated learning curve, but well worth the effort. You should be up an running in under an hour for the first sample runs. What's amazing about it is that you can really tweak it to your hearts content as it is a very powerful tool. I've used it on my DC4800 images and was amazed!


bobarue wrote:

Has anyone used fred's actions such as the noise reducer in PS6
with there dc4800. He does not have a specific action for the 4800
but has one for all general digital camera's.

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