WB Before and After shooting - RAW

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Re: WB Before and After shooting - RAW

Barry McLaurin wrote:

It matters if you use the histogram to nail exposure in camera
rather than tweaking in post. The in-camera histograms are affected
by the WB setting at the time the shot is captured. You must use
UniWB in order to view histograms that reflect the actual data
recorded by the sensor.


This sounds extremely complicated, so your saying that shooting everything on AWB and adjusting the WB in a raw converter as I have been doing for over 200,000 images in the last 7 years is not going to give me good quality images, have I got news for you it works great and I have dozens of framed prints in my clients office's and literally hundreds of images published in newspapers, brochures and magazines to prove it.

P.S. I only have 50 years experience in photography, processing film and making colour and b/w prints and shooting digital for the last 7 years, what do i know !!!!

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