Nikon Super Challenge #5 Submissions

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Nikon Super Challenge #5 Submissions


The theme is MACRO/CLOSE UP, this doesn't mean a macro lens is required and extreme closeness doesn't necessarily equate to a better shot.

Only ONE entry is allowed per person, if you submit more than one I won't consider any of them, before rushing to submit an entry, do a little judging of your own. I don't believe this is a difficult rule to abide by.

When submitting, reply to THIS post AND change the Subject to the title of your image.

Embed your image in the post and as a courtesy to others, try to include basic details (camera, lens, shutter/aperture, ISO) If the EXIF has been stripped or you don't know all the info, include anything you do know.

Images from any camera are allowed.

The time the image was taken does not matter.

Submissions will be allowed from:

7PM Feb. 25th EST (2400 GMT) -to- 7PM Mar 4th EST (2400 GMT)

Convert your submission to sRGB if it isn't already in sRGB.

Leave the submission on your image hosting server for the whole duration of the challenge.

Any infractions of the rules will require that you give me all of your camera equipment :-).

Incase you missed it ... Only ONE entry per person!

Good Luck.


Part of DPReview's embedding information is repeated below. ( ) :

? Embedding images (only available to registered users) - To embed an image or photograph simply paste (or type) the URL (web address) of the image into your message (eg.

), images more than 480 pixels wide will be scrollable. To link to an image WITHOUT EMBEDDING IT simply add a semicolon (;) to the end of the url (eg.

? Embedding links - To embed a link to a website or other type of URL simply paste (or type) the URL of the site into your message (eg. )

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