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Re: Gary: get your energy up...

I suspect the Efflink package needs your going over (vbg). You didn't really throw out the calibration gear, did you?

Another 'stray' efflink comment surfaced in the last few days, I think. That user was equally effusive, and the only negative comment I remember was something about heavy battery usage for the monitoring--like one AA a week, or whatever.

The Effilink was the system (beyond the InkjetFly ones I am wringing out here) that really caught my eye. However, it doesn't fit my 'cost benefit' perspective. That's probably another way of saying I would rather spend 'h' hours with 'x' papers sorting out 'y' casts, not to mention the 'z' hours on software and driver quirks.

FWIW, the InkjetFly / colored pigment CIS I set up last night on a second NIB R340 had acceptable prints after about four attempts--and that's with no real tweaking of paper profiles yet. I have only a slight magenta cast to get sorted out. Drayken is the one who will probably sort out the InkjetFly pigment ink quality questions for us.

So far, I can say that my two InkjetFly CISs have been nearly plug and play--the problems I've had are largely limited to my own ineptness in the cartridge refilling game (for the B&W config), and some auto-reset chip issues that I think are tied to the R340 Firmware being REALLY persistent about Epson carts.

I've had NO clogging issues with either machine--that's with the MIS UT-R2N inkset in the one, and the default Inkjetfly pigments in the other. (However, I wouldn't expect clogging yet, after 12 hours--right?)

I wonder if a lot of CIS issues have more to do with such categories as ink compatibility and head design, user competence and frequency-of-use, and local installation issues like humidity, temp, etc.

Some of these brands definitely seem to work better with certain printer models, I had dismissed the Kyson package after seeing the site--but I have NO reason to disbelieve Zone8's reports on its success with his Canon, and I have no doubt of its failure with your R1800(?), Gary. Likewise, the InkRepublic advocates have, overall, reported pretty good luck. It would be of value to see a database of installations sorted by printer, CIS, etc., etc., to see what correlations can be determined.

We had 12" of snow yesterday, and another 4" or so coming today--so I will fiddle some more.

Jim H.
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