I still have hope in Panasonic

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Panasonic is not stupid

Sirandar wrote:

I think they need to take a hard look at their marketing department
and get some fresh blood there for certain product mainly their FZ
line and the kitchen appliance line.

Panasonic is world's largest electronic manufacturer. Two reasons.

1. Their products are very good, this has to do with capital, innovation, R&D, high quality manufacturing process etc.

2. Their marketing department able to sell those products in large numbers, despite giving meaningless names like 'inverter' or FZ.

I am one for higher MPs. I also agree that there should be a camera with lower MP, lower noise etc. for more discerning photographers. How many of that hypothetical camera Pana will sell you think? Not many. Why blame their marketing department?

On the other hand like you I am optimistic about Panasonic. They will improve on their FZs, including improved noise performance. In the meantime have patience and enjoy the excellent photographic tool they are already making.

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