Hot pixels/new D80, I know it's been asked but...

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Re: Hot pixels/new D80, I know it's been asked but...

Hot/stuck pixels are a normal aspect of the technology. Calm down.

billy3ci wrote:

Condor63 wrote:

I recently noticed hot pixels on my D80, only 2 detected at 1600
ISO and zero from 800 down, all i can say it's a Great camera and i
am very pleased.

So for now I've decided that I can live with the hot pixels even
thou i have the 2 year extended warrany, how many pixels are hot
and at what ISO, do you crop so large that it would be detected????

BTW ordered the 70-300VR today YEE HAAAA

i want that lens!

the hot pixels were shot low ISO (200) and with a speedlight. it
happened on 2 pics of 20 last night.

i can fix them easily in P-shop, but's a $1000 camera!!!

per Ken Rockwell's page, i guess every CCD/CMOS will do it no
matter what the camera costs and i suppose it's only a real issue
if it's EVERY pic and right in the middle.

the shots were great and it took 10 seconds to fix the hot pixels.
oh well.

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