Hot pixels/new D80, I know it's been asked but...

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Re: Hot pixels/new D80, I know it's been asked but...

Circuit City is pretty good about letting you exchange the camera for another one, especially when you buy their extended warranty. You might take along a memory card and ask to shoot a few pictures in the store before you accept the new D80 kit. Stores are pretty busy backgrounds to shoot, so if you do this, look for anything that will give you a plain scene, like a dark wall, if you want to look for hot pixels. Then zoom in and scan using the LCD. Hopefully, you can find one that doesn't have hot pixels. This subject has been extensively posted on here and at the Nikonians website. Many will say they expect a perfect camera for this amount of money. Others will say that if you don't have a hot pixel today, you may tomorrow. Some say they will go away after a while. You must be the judge about what you can live with. Here are some links:

So, if you want to read more, do a search here and at the Nikonians website. I know it's frustrating. Hope some of these articles will help you decide what to do.

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