D80 vs. Rebel XT

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Re: D80 vs. Rebel XT

I had the XT. The XT is excellent and will produce excellent results, so there is no problem in that department for you. I know own a D80 and it's more than excellent....actually despite what people say about the MM, it's the best dlsr i have owned yet. I certainly prefer it over the XT, XTi, 20D, D70, D50 that I once owned. But my preferences would/could be very subjective, especially to other XT users. The only area that the D80 would help me to take better pictures over the XT, would be with flash department. The D80's flash system and especially the external SB600/800 can be used off board with excellence.

The rest of the stuff on the D80 are what I would call either luxuries or stuff that will make life easier in getting your results. Luxuries that were worth every penny IMO. These would be better grip and not a toy like feel to the camera, no fingernail dust...the XT leaves a lot of fingernail dust/marking that have to be constantly cleaned from the camera body, ISO auto, excellent brighter and bigger viewfinder which would be worth it's weight in gold alone, gridlines on the viewfinder, better bigger and sharper LCD, more AF focus points, ability to slim the menus to what you only use and hide the rest, better battery indicator, better review display with RGB histograms, in camera post processing, spot metering, adjustable noise reduction, twin command dial for manual mode...to name a few. None of these may help achieve better results, but these 'comforts' are a treat on the D80 and leaves this user with a feel good factor.

Also you are a one lens man at the moment. I have the 18-200VR and Sigma, Tamron and Canon have not yet produced as good a lens IMO. Yes, it may be hard in getting one, but it would be worth the wait. They are in abundance in my camera store here in Ireland. I bought two off the shelf at two different occasions and my buddy walked in and bought one as well recently. Even today while I was in there ordering the Sigma 10-20, there was another one on the shelf as well! They cost €800 (about $850-900), not bad considering we have very high taxes here in Ireland.

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