Hensel Vs White Lightning

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Re: Hensel Vs White Lightning

Greg Reinacker wrote:

I've owned WL's, used Hensels, and eventually settled on
Elinchroms. To me, it depends what you want to shoot; I had to
sell the WL's because they wouldn't work for the way I shoot. I
wrote a mini-review on the X1600 here:


(I always hate posting this since it's usually a AB/WL love-fest
around here, so hopefully I won't get shot!)

Don't be reluctant, you are just offering assistance to the OP based on your experience. For you, the Elinchroms did what you needed them to do. Simple.

As far as the "love-fest", it always amazes me that in America, photo enthusiasts will spend thousands on high-end gear from Nikon, Canon, Hasselblad, and when it comes to lighting, they choose monolights by Alien Bees. They are good for what they are, and I suppose are a good value. But to proclaim their superiority to such high-end brands as Elinchrom, Hensel, or Profoto. I just don't see it.

I have no problem with the White Lightning. I have never used them, but if I had, I wouldn't post stating: "It is not even close". How's that?

The OP is buying monos now. What if in a couple of months he decides he wants to augment his studio by adding a pack & head system for location work? Well Hensel offers such a system: Porty anyone? Hensel, Elinchrom, Profoto, they are not just a monolight company. They offer lighting systems.

In researching monolights, I looked for excellent build quality/value (like with my Nikon gear), dual voltage to work in both the States and Europe, digital readout with backlit control panel (this is the 21st century), top professional endorsments (it's useful to me to know what the industries top professional are using), and I chose Hensel. The OP may choose some other brand. That is his right.
M. Arike

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