Digital Concepts PTTL flash and K10D?

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Re: Digital Concepts PTTL flash and K10D?

JensR wrote:

Do you see anything on the flash that indicates that this is one of
the newer P-TTL flashes?
A serial number maybe?

Nothing on the body of the flash or in the instructions to indicate that. The instruction sheet is the same for all versions of the flash (PEN/NIK/OLY...), and uses the generic term "TTL" for its auto mode.

But when I close the aperture to a point where the
manual full charge is exposed correctly, the P-TTL underexposes.
For some reason, the P-TTL doesn't deliver a full charge.

I can't be totally sure, but I think other flashes show this, too,
but maybe not as drastic.

When it under exposes, the P-TTL shot has the same amount of light as a manual at 1/2 power, judging by the histogram. Do you have a Pentax flash? I want to know if this is the flash's fault or is it the body.

Curiously, when the flash is set to first curtain sync, the flash
icon in the viewfinder stays lit even if the flash is not ready,
causing me to sometimes shoot before the flash is charged.

Did you set your camera to "allow shot when flash not charged"?

Yes. As I stated, it only happens in first curtain sync, and not in second curtain sync. I e-mailed Sakar about this, and let you know when I get an answer.

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