Calibrating LCD Monitors: A Poll

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2nd attempt.

klinikl wrote:

Your numbers look good.

Technically there's not much point trying to adjust Contrast. I
would just look at the white luminance and not worry about black. I
think Brightness is your backlight.

For reference, the factory defaults for Brightness and Contrast are 90 and 80, respectively. I took another look at the "sRGB" color setting. It changes the Brightness setting from "90" to "0", but leaves the contrast at 80. The color temperature looks approx. the same as 6500K.

So my guess is that "sRGB" is intended to make the display more suitable for photo editing. Because it turns the brightness to "0", I'm guessing that "Contrast" is the true backlight control.

So I did another calibration. This time setting a while luminance target of 120 cd/m2. I got 120 cd/m2 by adjusting the contrast control to 87 and leaving the brightness control at 0. The black luminance measured about 0.20 cd/m2. The white point measured 6694K this time (with "Native" as the WP target)

Optix only gives the choices of "2.2" and "1.8" for gamma. This is the only bummer about Optix.

I did some more visual tests. The extreme almost highlights still look a bit sparkly (but this may be due to the VGA connection?) The shadows are a bit better. A white/black gradient across the whole screen (in PhotoShop, Adobe RGB working space) has a bit less posterization than before. I think.

On the Dry Creek Photo "Monitor Black Point Check" page

I see the patch change at about level 6. This was about the best I used to get with my $200 Nec Fe992 19" CRT monitor.

The Monitor Grayscale test at

looks neutral across the gradient. I see some minor posterization.

So I think it is reasonable now. What improvement (if any) can I expect if I install a video card that has DVI output?

It would be really helpful if the documentation that came with the monitor told what setting actually adjusted the backlight. And gave hints on the best way to set the adjustments in preparation for calibration.


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