From a new DSLR owner (D40+18-200)

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From a new DSLR owner (D40+18-200)

I bought my first DSLR D40 in January and it took me so long to write something about it. Last week I bought the legendary 18-200 VR lens which doubled my camera bags weight.

Reasons why I bought a Nikon D40:

  • I owned a P&S, but wanted an upgrade and when I saw Canon EOS 20D's ISO 1600 image in Steves Digicams in March 2005, I changed my mind on a new P&S and started thinking on a new DSLR.

  • I wanted low noise at high ISOs, image stabilization, 2.5 inch display and a good zoom range

  • Except for the low noise part, Pana FZ30 or 50 met my criteria

  • for long time I thought on Minolta due to built in IS and later Sony also considered Canon EOS series, but very little on Nikon (D50)

Later when I had chance to try Minolta 7D, Sony A100, Canon 20D, 350D, 400D, Pentax K100D, Nikon D70, Nikon D40;

Nikons built quality and handling impressed me over Canon, Sony and Pentax (excluding 20D and 7D)

  • in the entry segment Nikon came up with a nice camera D40 and I finalized my thought.

  • for close to 2 years I read so many comments on Dpreview and other sites which helped me alot in my decision

  • what I learned: the camera body's are evolving at an accelerated pase and even the low end cams are quite good in terms of feature and IQ. On the other hand a DSLR is nothing without a proper lens. And the lens prices are not going down as fast the body prices.

  • I decided to invest more on the lens (with longer product lifecycle) rather than the body which would be outdated within 2-3 years.

The moral of the story:

This DSLR and the lens is the first thing I bought in my life which took almost 2 years from initial intention to the final purchase. With all those fancy ads and so much information available it is very difficult to hold the purchasing monster inside you. I donot expect everyone to wait so long, but waiting helps your mind to settle down and reduces the number of mistakes.

My impressions:

  • D40 + 18-55 is small and light to carry around. (I took over 1000 shoots with it and now it rests in the 18-200's cartoon box.)

  • D40 + 18-200 is almost small but heavy (for my taste).

about VR: frozen image due to VR is fantastic, compared to on body IS, but rather more expensive.

Later I will add more of my impressions.

Now I have a camera system which is fantastic for me. What is left for me is to learn the photographing.

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