Digital Concepts PTTL flash and K10D?

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Re: Digital Concepts PTTL flash and K10D?

I recently bought this flash unit (Digital Concepts 952AF/PEN), and it works well with my K100D. It is P-TTL, judging by the ability to see the pre-flash in the viewfinder before the mirror rises. It works well as long as the flash is strong enough to produce a good exposure, but underexposes more than needed when flash intensity is less then optimal. I compared the P-TTL result against a manual 1/1 charge over a range of apertures. As long as the full charge manual shots are overexposed, the P-TTL produces consistently good exposures. But when I close the aperture to a point where the manual full charge is exposed correctly, the P-TTL underexposes. For some reason, the P-TTL doesn't deliver a full charge. This is not a big problem, because if the shot is underexposed, you can safely turn the flash to manual mode (a single push of a button), without fear of overexposing.

The unit has a switch for first curtain / second curtain sync, so you can use slow sync flash. It does not support high sync flash. Curiously, when the flash is set to first curtain sync, the flash icon in the viewfinder stays lit even if the flash is not ready, causing me to sometimes shoot before the flash is charged. This does not happen in second curtain sync mode - the flash icon blinks while the flash is charging.
The unit supports the anti-red-eye pre flash, if this mode is set by the camera.

The 270 degree swivel and 90 degree bounce are very good - you can bounce directly up off the ceiling even if you point your camera at an angle downward.

The built-in diffuser and reflector plate are very handy and improve picture quality.

It can be used in principle as a wireless slave, but not with the built in camera flash - it fires on the built-in flash's pre-flash. If you have another non-P-TTL flash unit, you can use it as a master to trigger the slave.

The manual says it should produce only 80 flashes on a set of fresh alkaline batteries. I used a set of 2000mAh NiMH, shot 250 flash pictures, and they are still going strong.

Overall, I'm very happy with this unit, even though it has a few quirks, mentioned above. Looking at the specs, I believe it is identical to the Soligor DG-420 Z mentioned above.

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