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I mean, we waited, waited and waited ourselves, long before the Sony take-over.

Remember waiting for a quality body during the whole XTsi, QTsi series?
Waiting for a D-SLR?

Waiting for more new lenses, once Minolta announced the 70-200mm 2.8 SSM? Then seeing nothing more than Minolta adding "D" capability to a few not really big sellers in a classic "Lets rechip these low selling duds & hope for the best" strategy.

Everyone is still waiting for a M9 replacement and how long has that camera been out?

the fact that so many are still waiting for something new in the A mount does not really surprise me.

What does is those of us who did switch and bother to post our experiences, to those who refuse to note that the sky is not actually falling, it has already crashed down and shattered.

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Dave Patterson
'When the light and composition are strong, nobody
notices things like resolution or pincushion distortion'
Gary Friedman

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