Test results on bounced Metz flash in A mode

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Re: Update results


I'm about to buy a K10D and read with horror that it doesn't provide A-TTL anymore as I have a good old Metz 40MZ2 (SCA3701) with handle and reflector and really would like to keep using it.

So, I read with great relief that you managed to get a 40MZ2 to work correctly in auto-flash, by covering a pin on the SCA3701 adapter. I guess the one that has to be insulated is the one that communicates the TTL feedback, but which one is it ?

By covering that "bad" pin, will the ISO setting, aperture and focal length still be transmitted from the camera to the Metz flash ? If yes, that means that my flash-gear will still be quite usable on a K10D, as I read in a few threads that the auto-mode on 40MZ2 gives quite reliable exposure. Otherwise I would have to go for the 3702, since you mentioned that it didn't have this problem. (But, then I would rather wait for 3703, which hopefully will be born one day!)

You may add this little detail on your excellent web-page. Are there any other tricks related to the use of 40MZ2 with a recent Pentax DSLR ?


You may also have a look at the following post that states that 40MZ2 works fine in A with 3701. Maybe Thommy only worked with low ISO and large apertures


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