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Re: Green Cast

Have you compared rendering intents? Perceptual vs Relative?

I gave you a link to InkJetArt that has good instructions on how to print both the target and how to use the profile once it's generated.

How is your monitor? I found that a small portion of the green cast can be blamed on me and the monitor since it's old and has green/magenta splotches throughout the phosphors. I notched the green channel ever so slightly where the cast was most evident (I'm talking 2 points out of 255) and it knocked it right in. It looked better both on screen and in print. I need to drop some cash on a good LCD.

Will the money syphon never end????

Gary Mayo wrote:
Hey Wayne!
The Green cast is something I still have somewhat. I feel I may
not have all the switches set properly keeping the train going down
the center of the tracks.

I need to do lots more reading about what all settings might be best.
Any suggestions? I print from Qimage or the Epson program. I
tried printing some from AE4 tonight, but I do not like it.

Wayne Solum wrote:


Thanks for the report. I have used Ilford Gallerie Smooth Pearl
with the profiles they provided and I would often get a green cast.
The PULSE eliminated it. Printers of exact make and model (at
least the ones from a generation or two ago) can print the same
image differently.

Introducing third-party inks makes the variability even greater.
It's entirely possible that the green cast will be eliminated by
the PULSE. In the colorelite software you will be given a choice
of illuminants. I've found for my purposes that D65 works well
(D50 is what the software defaults to).

I assume your nozzle test patterns are good. Something you might
try is a head alignment. Can't hurt and may help.

Are you clear on how to use printer profiles? Green and Mageneta
casts can occur due to improper color management settings. I
noticed that you're using PS version 6. I'm not certain it
supports print color management.


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