D40 vs. D70 viewfinder

Started Feb 20, 2007 | Discussions thread
jimr Forum Pro • Posts: 11,405
Significant Brightness..

As a former owner of the D50 and a present owner of the D40 (I had both in my possession for a week before I sold the D50) I can tell you that the brightness difference between the two is very significant. The D40 has a much brighter (and somewhat larger) viewfinder. I may be wrong, but I believe that the D70(s) viewfinder is the same as the D50.

Remy Bergsma wrote:

Apparently, according to this page:


The D40's viewfinder is just a little bit larger than that of the
D50: and the D50 in turn has about the same viewfinder as the D70.
So I'd say it's a bit bigger than that of the D70, but not too much.

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