battery Nikon or non-Nikon

Started Feb 19, 2007 | Discussions thread
Kenan Oran Regular Member • Posts: 139
Are they Digital Concepts brand?

I'm regretting it too, but I got the Digital Concepts en-el3e replacement, not becuase it was cheaper, but because it's rated at 1900mah vs 1400mah...and I got it after a recommendation on this forum (I was really disspointed with the battery life on the original battery). But the dang thing wouldn't hold a charge for more than 5 minutes before going dead...I measured the voltage at the terminals, and after several hours of charging, it showed about 10% lower voltage than the Nikon at half charge.

I got it from, and they gladly took it back and have just shipped a replacement...but I'm having buyers remorse. I'm wishing I had just stuck with the Nikon brand for the reasons pointed out in this thread...

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