Battery Issue - Letter to Pentax - Their reply

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Battery Issue - Letter to Pentax - Their reply

My letter (recieved answer the next day)


I upgraded from the *istDL to the K100D and I have had several incidents of premature low battery warnings. On my *istDL my camera could fill a
card (1 gig) and not give me a warning. On my K100D if I use my review

much at all I get a low batter warning and with the same type of use withmy *istDL this was not a problem. Sounds like I have a glitch, what next?
Richard Ritter

Their Reply

Thank you for contacting Pentax.
Powering your Pentax Digital camera

While your camera is capable of using widely available AA alkaline batteries, it was primarily designed to utilize a CR-V3 disposable lithium battery as its primary power source. The CR-V3 is a high capacity, high performance battery, and works well with digital cameras, especially considering the large power draw of the color LCD screen found on most digital cameras. Your camera can accommodate AA batteries as a measure of convenience, since AA batteries are inexpensive and universally available. However, using AA batteries will result in much lower overall performance compared with the CR-V3 lithium battery. Furthermore, some off-brands of AA batteries may not even be able to power your camera, depending on the specific brand of battery used.

When testing cameras with various types of batteries, Pentax uses very tightly controlled factory conditions. These conditions are not necessarily designed to emulate typical customer use of the camera, but are designed to test the limits of the camera with those types of batteries. For example, testing is often performed in various states of auto/manual focus, ambient lighting ranges, and various screen brightness settings, all of which typical users do not change in day-to-day photographic situations. As each camera reaches an initial state of battery depletion, the camera can be turned off then back on to take more photos, with this process being repeated until the batteries are truly and completely discharged. Again, testing conditions are tightly controlled, and the numbers are published to show the upper capabilities of the camera.

In order to conserve battery power and get the most out of your camera, we offer the following suggestions:

· Use a disposable lithium battery whenever possible as your primary power source. Your camera was designed with this battery in mind.

· When you must use AA batteries, use only name-brand batteries such as Eveready or Duracell. Make sure the batteries are not expired, and always carry spares. Also, make sure to use alkaline AA batteries or one of the "newer" chemical technologies, and avoid the older/cheaper zinc carbon batteries.

· If you use AA rechargeable batteries, use only the Nickel Metal Hydride batteries with the highest mili-amp-hour rating you can find (2100mAh to 2500mAh). Also, keep in mind that even NiMH batteries will loose charge capacity over time. Expect to replace them in a year or two depending on use.

· Minimize your use of the LCD screen, when possible, by turning it off and using the optical viewfinder if your camera has one.

· Turn off your camera's instant review, and minimize the time you spend in your camera's menus and reviewing captured images, since these operations use the LCD screen.

· Turn your camera's LCD screen brightness down as far as you comfortably can, if your model has a screen brightness adjustment.

We hope this information is useful in understanding the nature of your camera's power source. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the Consumer Services department at (800) 877-0155.

Spencer Todd
Pentax Imaging Technical Support

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