Chinese New Year Celebration (pics)

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Thanks David! (more pics)

David Chin wrote:

... the colors are brilliant, and I think you captured the moments
very well!

Thanks! I had a hard time tracking focus with all the movement, but I guess I did okay... might have done better with the 50 or 85mm lenses.

Here's a few more for now.. still have a lot of photos to process. Dragon photos are next.

This girl was a joy to watch. Seemed very skilled, and very pretty as well.

This guy seemed to always have a smile on his face. He was obviously enjoying the celebration. He was also a participant in the demonstrations.

I had to crop tight on this one because a lady in front of me stood up right when I took the shot... hence the odd crop. I kind of like it though.

A few more..

Here's a large one (sorry!)

Linked up at

Cool! Thans David!

I think this is the first time I'm seeing photos shot with the D50
+ 70-200 VR combo.

There's a couple guys at DPreview who use this combo. Can't remember who though.

Thanks for sharing!

Your welcome.


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Regards, David Chin
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