Anyone recommend a good quality film scanner for under £200?

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Re: Anyone recommend a good quality film scanner for under £200?

monopoly wrote:

I'm looking for a good quality film scanner for scanning black and
white negatives for making prints up to about 12" x 18"

I dont need to scan anything other than 35mm, and i'm leaning
towards a dedicated film scanner but i'm open to peoples thoughts
on flatbed scanners - and how they compare to dedicated ones.

I bought a Nikon Coolscan V ED about a year ago and have had good results with it. A 4000dpi scan of 35mm film will produce an 8x10” image at 300dpi (which works out perfectly for the dye sub printer I have). One thing I would look for in a film scanner is Digital ICE – which is a software algorithm built into the scanner for dealing with dust and scratches on the film (color only)

There are also other algorithms called Digital ROC (Restoration of color) and Digital GEM (Grain Equalization and Management). These algorithms may be part of the scanning software application or can be purchased as Photoshop plugings.

See this article for details:

In addition to the Coolscan, I have an Epson flatbed scanner that will also scan 35mm film – although I do almost all of my film scanning using the Nikon Coolscan to take advantage of the Digital ICE feature. (Quite useful when archiving 20-30 year old negatives.)

Be advised that using Digital ICE greatly increases the time required to scan the image as it makes multiple passes. Digital ROC also works very well but also adds post processing time (at least on my old underpowered G4 Mac).

One downside to the Coolscan V ED is that it only has a USB port (no Firewire) – which slows down data transfer speed between the computer and scanner somewhat.

Whatever scanner you decide on – remember you’re going to need a lot of hard drive space to work with and store your scans...


K. Wagner

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