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Re: Another history lesson, Pete:

T'Pol wrote:

T3 wrote:

Probably the more
likely reason is that Canon developed the process to grow the
fluorite crystals, and Nikon didn't.

You may be surprised to learn, Pete, that Nikon have been using
fluorite since the 1960s in their microscopes and the odd
micro[macro] lens. Once they developed ED glass in the 70s, they
discontinued the use of Fluorite in all but microscopy where it is
still used to this day, produced [grown] in-house at Nikon's
fluorite facility.

I imagine the lenses in a super-telephoto lens are much larger than those in a microscope.

Clearly then, Nikon have had the ability and technology to produce
fluorite lenses for over 40 years. They just choose not to use them
in their long teles due to fluorite's widely known drawbacks of
being susceptible to higher thermal changes in it's refractive
index [hence the white lenses], thermal and physical shock. Whether

Choices often comes down to cost. Will they volunteer that info?

or not these drawbacks often present themselves in ordinary lens
use is moot. They exist, and companies have to assess these
drawbacks on their merits. Nikon choose to avoid fluorite in camera
lenses, Canon choose to embrace it.

I wonder what drawbacks Canon see in providing modern battery
technology to the 1-series?

Compatibility. But Canon will draw the line at some point.

Or adding GPS support to the
1-series/xxD series?

Once again you've tried to declare that Nikon do something because
they can't do what Canon does, rather than because it's just better
if they hadn't. And once more, you've been shown to be talking from
where the sun don't shine.

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