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Re: Another history lesson, Pete:

T3 wrote:

LOL. You're barking up the wrong tree again.

Hmm, that's great Pete. How many... can you fit into one post? Where's your old favourite baby-and-the-bathwater line? I'll try to squeeze it in somewhere for you.....

Maybe they just couldn't get
fluorite to work for them.

Time to give up the pharmacy and move into political spin-doctoring, I think. Man, you are good at it!

...but back to the flourite......Nikon can't get it to work, huh? That's why their microscopes, which employ fluorite, are cutting edge and considered by many to be the best in the world, and are also the #1 seller in the world by a sizable margin, with Olympus coming in 2nd. No sign of Canon in this Precision Optics field, I notice.

I also notice that are a very, very distant third in the precision-of-precision optics field, lithography.

That doesn't mean that Canon suffered
the same fate. In fact, Canon has enjoyed a completely different

Still going? Your earlier 'perhaps' has now become fact? That Nikon have failed to produce good fluorite, so gave up and changed to ED glass? Hmmm, remind me to tell all those biomedial research centers that those Nikon fluorite microscopes they're using are obviously no good!

Perhaps they should change to Canon microscopes....oh, sorry, they don't make them. I guess, using your spin, Canon must be incapable of making microscopes....... Maybe they should quit the lithography business while they're behind there too. From their already distant 3rd place they expect shipments to drop by 42% this year in a declining market, while Nikon [already #1] expect no decrease in volume and an increase in market share. It would seem Canon are incapable of producing comparable technology to market leaders Nikon and ASML and continue to fall further and further behind. You'd think a company 'so good' at producing electronics and optics would have this market sewn up....

But the point is, there is a small segment of the
population who still choose to argue that fluorite is inadequate,

Yeah. Like NASA, Nikon, Questar industrial telescopes, University of Arizona, Company7 Astro Optics. They all say that Fluorite is fragile, susceptible to high changes in it's refractive index as temperature rises, highly susceptible to thermal shock.

The proof is in the

Woah, there'a another one.

If you want a
collective laugh, you can walk up to that horde and tell them that
the fluorite elements in those lenses are too delicate and fragile
to hold up to the usage that they are at that very moment being
used for!!!

I'll paste what I said again, because you seem to have had some difficulty in reading it:

or not these drawbacks often present themselves in ordinary lens
use is moot. They exist, and companies have to assess these
drawbacks on their merits. Nikon choose to avoid fluorite in camera
lenses, Canon choose to embrace it.

Now, read carefully. Nowhere did I say that Fluorite is unsuitable for the uses you describe. Nowhere. What I said was that Nikon [and almost every other optical lens maker] have apparently chosen not to use fluorite because of these [scientifically proven] potential drawbacks.

And, here it is:..... I guess that having spent many years developing Fluorite, Nikon didn't want to THROW THE BABY OUT WITH THE BATHWATER, so they continue to employ fluorite where they think it's suitable [microscopy], but not where they think ED or SuperED glass is better [lenses]...... Hey, how was that.

I wonder what drawbacks Canon see in providing modern battery
technology to the 1-series? Or adding GPS support to the
1-series/xxD series?

Notice you didn't answer this. Care to?

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