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Re: 10mp 10fps 1.3 crop

Jim F. wrote:

People are complaining that
the resolution is "only" going up to 10mp, but are people really
expecting a 13mp high speed sports/pj camera?

I don't know. All I do know, and all I said, is that if 2 more MP
and 1.5 FPS are the only additional and new features, the Mk2
market is going to stay quite active for quite a while. The current
camera works extremely well, so I doubt there will be hordes of
people scrambling to buy the new one and throw out the old.

You're kidding, right? I think you're missing the big picture. First of all, I think there would be plenty of working pros who would want a bump in resolution and a bump in frame rate. Any advantage is an advantage! Secondly, you're forgetting that many working pros are going to be looking at replacing or retiring their 2 or 3 year old bodies regardless. Many buy a new body and relegate their older body to back-up status. Thirdly, when this supposed 1D MKII replacement is introduced, you can expect Canon to cease production of the existing 1D MKII. It's going to be pretty hard to sustain a "market" for the MKII if MKII's are no longer available!

Anyone who's ever
shot 13mp RAW files knows that they are huge, and not conducive to
very high shooting volumes that are typical of the 1D MKIIN target
user. 10mp at 10fps is PLENTY. Are there really that many 10mp
10fps cameras out there that it makes this proposed camera

Uhmmmm, yes, I guess it would be a little boring to me. I'm not a
fan of the crop though, whether it's a 1.3x or 1.6x. If Canon can
produce a 22MP camera (and that's a big if) and producing a 10MP
camera is done every day by countless companies, is it really
surprising that, given processor improvements over the last few
years, they can now do a 10/10? It's not that I wouldn't admire the
camera, I just wouldn't be running to get in line.

Again, you're missing the big picture. It isn't specs for specs sake. I think Canon is looking at producing the right camera with the right mix of specs for the right market. The 1D/1DMKII have largely been fast sports and pj bodies. These users are looking for sufficient resolution (not overkill resolution) with good noise levels, in a responsive, tough body capable of high shooting speeds to keep up with the action. They're looking at producing a good workhorse tool that sells well (like the 1D and 1D MKII before it), not simply some camera that exists for people to admire. 10/10 is a VERY good mix. Studio shooters who want more resolution (but not necessarily higher shooting speed) can go for the 5D or 1Ds models. The 1D MKII replacement is geared towards the same class of users who used the 1D and 1D MKII and 1D MKIIN. Horses for courses.

Agreed. I have no idea, that's why I stated several times that if
all the camera included was the 10/10, I wouldn'd be interested.

Then this isn't the model for you. There are other models out there. That's what the 5D and 1Ds models are for.

....I'd much prefer that canon be able to process FF at 10 FPS,
then we're really talking about some speed that will make a
difference in all cameras down the line.

I was thinking about 2 things: 1) It would be significant
improvement benefiting all cameras 2) if they could drive the 5d
that fast, sports photographers will lose nothing (5d/1dM2 have
approximately the same pixel density) and can crop if they want a
smaller image 3) I can drive my 1VHS at 10 FPS (film, but FF).

I don't see many of today's high-speed photographers screaming for a high speed FF body. High speed shooters are typically shooting action, like sports or wildlife, where tele is more important. Selling a FF high res body (at higher cost, since FF sensors are obviously going to cost more to produce than a cropped sensor), then telling them to crop down (at the expense of resolution), isn't going to work. Let's not forget that a FF 1D MKIII is undoubtly going to cost more to produce than a 1.3x 1D MKIII, even if every other spec were the same.

It would be nice to see Canon achieve that frame rate again. Sports
photographers didn't complain when the 1VHS was to the top dog, so
I see it as a "back to the future" type thing.

Back in the days "when the 1VHS was the top dog", it was all 35mm format! So obviously, no one was talking about crop factors. But times have changed. Today, it's more about delivering the right mix of sensor format, resolution, frame rate, noise levels, etc. I think 10/10 with good noise levels on a 1.3x would be a winner, just like Canon's previous 1.3x bodies. For many, it's the perfect compromise between APS and FF formats, not only in performance, but resolution, and cost. And I think that's one of the big reasons why Canon has been so successful with their 1.3x bodies, which dominate the sports and pj ranks.

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