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T3 wrote:

Jim F. wrote:

If we assume this is correct, which I certainly hope not. I realize
there are no specs here, but going by the base info this has got to
be about as big of a snoozer release as the 30d and the 400d were.

A 2MP and 1.5 FPS increase with no significant sensor upgrade for
better color fidelity, DR, and ISO ability will cause the 1DII
market to remain hot for quite awhile, especially if Canon is
upping the price again for the new release.

I think we are a bit spoiled into wishing that specs are going to
make huge leaps with every new update.

I definitely agree that we've become familiar with frequent releases with advances expected each time, but Canon hasn't produced anything exciting in at least 18 months as we've had several release points.

I'm actually not too interested in more MP just for the sake of "more is better"; I want higher quality pixels. As I said, I'm interested in better color, DR, etc. Unfortunately, anything besides those are a yawn to me. The 400d has 10MP, but so what? I don't think it matters much.

People are complaining that
the resolution is "only" going up to 10mp, but are people really
expecting a 13mp high speed sports/pj camera?

I don't know. All I do know, and all I said, is that if 2 more MP and 1.5 FPS are the only additional and new features, the Mk2 market is going to stay quite active for quite a while. The current camera works extremely well, so I doubt there will be hordes of people scrambling to buy the new one and throw out the old.

Anyone who's ever
shot 13mp RAW files knows that they are huge, and not conducive to
very high shooting volumes that are typical of the 1D MKIIN target
user. 10mp at 10fps is PLENTY. Are there really that many 10mp
10fps cameras out there that it makes this proposed camera

Uhmmmm, yes, I guess it would be a little boring to me. I'm not a fan of the crop though, whether it's a 1.3x or 1.6x. If Canon can produce a 22MP camera (and that's a big if) and producing a 10MP camera is done every day by countless companies, is it really surprising that, given processor improvements over the last few years, they can now do a 10/10? It's not that I wouldn't admire the camera, I just wouldn't be running to get in line.

Keep in mind that the D2Hs only does 4mp at 8fps, and
the D2X only does 6.8mp at 8fps (in HSC mode). 10mp at 10fps blows
both of those cameras out of the water.

I know all the Nikon fans won't like this, but I've never been impressed with either of those cameras, especially the D2h(s), as a 1dM2 competitor.

For that very RARE breed
that needs 13mp at 13fps, sorry but you'll have to dream on.

Now that would be fast, but who asked for that?

the rest of us, 10mp at 10fps is dandy. As for "better color
fidelity, DR, ISO ability", your assumptions that those factors
aren't any better are a bit premature.

Agreed. I have no idea, that's why I stated several times that if all the camera included was the 10/10, I wouldn'd be interested.

Besides, I think there's a
better chance that those things will be better on a 10mp sensor
than having 13mp (or more) crammed onto the same sensor area.

Again, I'm not a crop fan. Never have been, so I could care less how many pixels they cram in there (see D2x for increased density).

Basically, people like yourself are expecting a 13mp+ sensor, with
a 10fps+ frame rate, on a FF (or 1.6X) sensor, with amazingly
better high ISO, better, DR, etc, which is great to dream about,
but I think a 10mp 10fps 1.3x camera with modest improvements in
sensor performance at a modest price (for a 1D MKII successor) is
simply...more reastic. And for those who don't think it's enough
of an improvement can just keep shooting with their existing 1D

Well, there's reading between the lines and then there's extrapolation; I think you've gone too far and are assuming too much from what I wrote:

....I'd much prefer that canon be able to process FF at 10 FPS, then we're really talking about some speed that will make a difference in all cameras down the line.

I was thinking about 2 things: 1) It would be significant improvement benefiting all cameras 2) if they could drive the 5d that fast, sports photographers will lose nothing (5d/1dM2 have approximately the same pixel density) and can crop if they want a smaller image 3) I can drive my 1VHS at 10 FPS (film, but FF).

It would be nice to see Canon achieve that frame rate again. Sports photographers didn't complain when the 1VHS was to the top dog, so I see it as a "back to the future" type thing.

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