I need help from experienced users, please

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I need help from experienced users, please

Let me begin saying that I have cleaned my 10D sensor MANY times, always using the Copperhill method and since I got my 5D I used the same method a few times with no issues whatsoever... until today.

At the end of my cleaning I was pretty satisfied except for a small spot in the middle of the sensor. The pec-pad wasn't able to remove it even with a few drops of eclipse. So I started a circular movement around the spot with the corner of the swapping pecpad... and I ended up with this:

(this is the full frame at F22, focused at infinity with autolevels applied, but the monster shape is visible even at F1.4)
Can anyone tell me what happened?
Can I fix it?
Or am I gonna have to send it to Canon?

To make things even funnier, this of course happens the night before that I was supposed to do a friend's wedding...

I have no idea what to do... Eclipse keeps making things worst and letting the camera stay unused for about half an hour makes no difference (I was hoping in evaporation but that doesn't seem to be the case)...


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