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Kyson CIS on R1800 Pass/Fail Report Card.
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Pass/Fail Report card-------------------------

"PASS" quality of the lines and tanks

"PASS" GLOP (a little less bold, but OK)

"PASS" ink/pigments cost

"PASS" pigment drying and waterproofing

"FAIL" print quality (profile system ordered)

"FAIL" on customer service

"FAIL" on chip sets.

-----------------------------Overall PASS/FAIL--------------------------

"PASS- very marginal" if you are mainly concerned with cost/

"FAIL" if you are mainly focused on quality of prints (without profiles)

------------------------------Report card details-----------------------------

I have mixed feelings about what I have done to my printer, It used to work perfectly, best prints I have ever seen. If you want to make a great choice for CIS systems, I am afraid this choice may not be the correct one.

I purchased to new R1800 a month ago, but grew tired of changing OEM cartridges.

I looked at every CIS system on the net and picked the Kyson system because of the large tanks (110ml) and the construction of the tanks (they look good sitting next to the printer, not silly bottles in a box), and the low cost of the pigments. I did not choose the competitor system with batteries as I did not want more electronics.

That is just about all I can say good about the system.

It is held in place (the lines) with shipping tape (I had) as the guide plastic rod did not have anything to hold it in place and it was all wobbly with the one piece of Velcro they sent.

The pre-filled lines were full of bubbles, so I needed to bleed them twice to get then out and get a good print. The test print did not print correct until a dozen cleanings and two bleeding.

The instructions for installation are very poor and non existent for the printer model I have. I used an on line video from inkfly to figure it all out. It is a real shame that I needed help from a competitors product to install this system!

The ink monitor is constantly wrong (I am not running out of ink, and no I do not want to buy more OEM ink). I do not know how to reset the chip-set. It does not work to unplug the printer while it is warming up and let sit a minute or so. It resets the one cartridge, one time, but does nothing to the other ticking time bombs soon to give incorrect error warnings of low ink/pigment, and then the meter starts falling all over again to repeat the foolish cycle.

Now the real issue. The prints look like shi%! Very heavy green cast. I have let them know this, and they say, no other person has said anything and has let it go at that. Very poor customer service.

I have ordered a Monaco Systems Pulse ColorElite, Standard Color Management System, with Optix Colorimeter, for Monitor, Scanner, Digital Camera and Printer, for Mac. & Windows, but this is not here yet, so I do not know for sure if I will be able to figure that all out (never used one before) but I am hopeful that will help and resolve the poor print quality.

The GLOP is a little less bright, but I am comfortable with it and the ink (pigment) is dry as soon as it exits the printer. Very fast drying. I like that.

They answer the phone like it is wringing into an apartment in a bad neighborhood and they are worried about creditors calling. Their voice sounds like they expect you to complain about something. They sound very unsure of themselves. I would not suggest calling them for anything.

Am I happy? No not really, but I am still working at making it work. I will check back in somewhere in this forum to give an update review of this product after I do profiles.

If Kyson had any balls, they would contact me and make me a happy customer and help me resolve the green cast issues I am having with their product.


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