Jumping Ship

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Russell Ervin Senior Member • Posts: 1,668
Re: Russ, are you glad another A-mount user is gone? n/t

fjbyrne wrote:

Russell Ervin wrote:

Why would I be glad? Are you glad?

No I am not glad when someone leaves the A-mount. Your "Bye"
comment had a sort of "Good Riddance" ring to my ears. I myself
would like to know why someone switches and why they chose what
they switched to.

The man posted that he was leaving and I just replied with a bye. How you read anything else into that is beyond me. Why he switched and what he switched to does not matter to me. I am happy with the systems I use, so I didn't ask him to explain himself.

I know you are posting about 'jumping ship' lately because Sony doesn't meet your needs. If you are looking for someone else reinforce your decision, I understand you wanting to know why he bought a different brand. As for me, all the new cameras are good tools, so it is a personal decision which tools I use, it really doesn't matter to me what other people buy.

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