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I have been using the Efillink CIS for months, and it is clearly a very serious product that, IMO, makes it the winner of the CIS competition:

-it provides huge costs saving compared with the Epson cartridges, but contrarily to its competitors, it has much more advantages:

-the ink (Efillink ink from Image Specialists) is really excellent: not just a pigmented ink, but an excellent ink in terms of colour matching, bronzing, etc... The Efillink ink is as good as the Epson ink in my opinion.

-the Efillink ink does NOT clogged the printhead at all, even if you stay 2-3 weeks without printing. I have installed it without cleaning the printhead before, -so the Efillinl ink has been mixed with the Epson ink-, and no problem at all.

-the Efillink CIS is really seriously built: it is not a gadget, it can satisfy "serious" protographs having huge printout volumes: the containers inside the CIS contain a big volume of ink, so just forget the nightmare of changing the (horribly costly) Epson cartridges.

Just take care about the system setup and carrefully follow the onsite installation video and tips.

The only point that can be improved would be the glossy aspect of the printouts on the R1800 (not affecting the R2400) which is less present than with the Ultrachrome Hi-Gloss inks, but I have met some people preferring the Efillink printouts...

I will continue to use the Efillink CIS without any doubt: imo it is the best CIS system, the one that provides the best quality printouts and not only cost savings : the ink costs approximately 10 times less than the Epson ink...

Best regards,

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