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Re: Look deep into her Eyes...

Tario wrote:

would you mind explalining this in a litlte more detail..
Isearched on CS2 and i acttually pasted edge mask detail son ths
but there's a step that I am not getting..
to do with invert and then inverse again..
it just gets mixed up somewhere along those lines...
if you don't mind..

Sure. There are different ways to do this. Here’s how I go about it. Start with this image.

Duplicate that layer twice. On the top layer (second copy), try the three channels to see which one shows the edges clearest. In this case, I liked the green channel. Run the “find edges” filter on that BW image (Filter > Stylize > Find edges), and you’ll get this:

Invert that image and you’ll get this:

Select all and copy that inversion. Then you can just delete that layer. Now go down to the layer below (the first copy of the original). Place a layer mask on that layer, alt-click on the mask icon to expose the (white) mask, and ctrl-v to paste in the copy of the inversion from the previous step. You should now have this:

Click outside the mask icon to get off the mask and expose the image again. You’ll see this:

If you like, you can change the blend mode on that layer to Luminosity (to prevent any color noise when you sharpen); this isn’t necessary, but it sometimes helps. Now run USM on the layer (not the mask). I generally use 0.3 px for the radius and run the percentage as high as I can without creating noticeable noise or artifacts. Sometimes you can go all the way to 500%.

In many cases, you won’t want the sharpening to apply to the whole image. In those cases, after you sharpen and close USM, fill the mask with black. This entirely masks out the sharpening. Then use a soft brush at perhaps 50% opacity and paint with white on the mask to restore sharpening where you want it -- eyes, hair texture, whatever.

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