Trying out Camera! Not ethical.

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Trying out Camera! Not ethical.

In many form I see the advice of trying out camera, and if u don't like then return it.
The thread is just to bring clarity on the issue.
As Ed B pointed out in recent thread:
We won't like to buy the camera tried out and returned by someone else.
1. We even crib about if sealing tape is found broken on a new camera pack.
2. We won't like a stranger (even friends) to handle our own equipment.
Then how we advice others of doing so? It is contradictory.

3. Such try out opens one to wrong temptation of trying out one's second choices (as one is going to return it any way) and buying first one later.

4. It happens becaouse one has not put in efforts doing his homework. It is akin to returning used cloths. Camera is a personal thing.
One should do little extra work before going for a purchase. i.e.

  • Go thru hands on reviews on-line. It gives fair idea about handling aspects.

  • Download Instruction manuals of shortlisted models for getting detailed information. And learning about the operation of final choice.

  • Try out the selected camera at showroom for be sure if it is functioning OK. (Or immediately after receiving home delivary after on-line purchase.).

It has always worked for me. What about you?
Thanks in advance for responding .
Regards, Ajay

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