Battery/Charger question

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Re: Battery/Charger question

I've just returned from a 240 volt country and the supplied charger worked great.

If you're going to be charging more than one item, I suggest bringing an 'octopus" or multiple plug. You would plug this into your adapter plug so you can then plug two or more devices in at a time. I got caught having to juggle charge times between the FZ50 battery and my 30 GB storage device because I only had one adapter plug.

I purchased a second battery from panny's site as i didn't know about the barn. Two batteries were plenty to get me through the longest days and I showed a lot of photos on the screen to the people I shot pictures of (hard not to in most countries).

While I had the two batteries, the thought occurred to me while traveling, that if I lost the charger along the way, I'd really be screwed. Therefore, I'm buying a second one for my next trip. I was staying at a different place almost every night and when you have to get up early and pack fast, it wouldn't be hard to leave the charger plugged in the wall. I purposely left my camera with the strap wound around the charger to prevent that but I'd feel better with a second charger in a separate bag.
Have a great trip!

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