SP550UZ @ISO50 like dSLR ;)

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SP550UZ @ISO50 like dSLR ;)

Been seeing & reading about flat dull pics from the cam - so just throwing in some of my full out-of-cam unretouched jpgs for the good folks here to make an informed decision. NOTE that all as link provided are at default settings of sharpening/contrast/saturation of 0/0/0. The files are 2-3MB in size each with full exif info.

I am including one that have been retouched just to show what my routine PSCS2 action manages.

Unretouched original jpg here (hugh file) :

These are just small thumnails from pbase with the corresponding link to the original size :







My hobbyist user experience is in line with scared_of_the_dark very useful review. I would add/emphasize my opinions of the following :


1) ISO 50 images is close if not on par with some dSLR

2) perfect exposure with direct real time histogram showing Highlights in red/shadows in blue.

3) viewfinder diopter range is wide enough - I can shoot with my eyeglasses or without
4) the adjustable focus area is useful aid to my composition.
5) comfortable & compact - I have decided it will be my travel camera.

NEGATIVES/wish list

1) noise (for pixel peepers) from ISO 100 and up.

2) overall speed. May have a hard time catching up with active kids in the house.
3) only accepts XD memory

These are from my 1 day field usage experience -- TKH

Flat view
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