'gamers' laptop for photographers?

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Re: 'gamers' laptop for photographers?

Thanks Joe, I followed your advice and went 'cheap and Cheerful' a HP6000 Core 2 Duo on sale because it had XP. Its good enough for 2 hours a week work, - good enough for my first laptop and a learning experience. Battery life is poor but there is a 12 cell optional battery.

Pyogenes wrote:

Kevin Coppalotti wrote:

I guess I was looking for the equivalent of a Hummer

In that case buy the largest laptop you can, pay double the price
of the equivalent laptop, and replace the battery with something
realy inefficient.

In all seriousness. A gamer laptop is not a good idea. That's
coming from someone that is currently typing on a gaming laptop.

You end up paying a huge premium on parts that are heavy and
horribly power hungry. Unless you use them for their intended
purpose (gaming), that's a lot of unused potential.

For field use, I'm assuming you won't be doing the real
post-processing work on the laptop. Just a quick and dirty job to
show clients? If so, get the smallest/lightest laptop you can.
Size, weight, and battery life will determine how much you use the
laptop on the field more than any other features including speed
and screen.

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