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Clarifying Pam's "Tweaking some colors and adding some lighting effects"

I realize I'm a couple years late on this topic, but I read the whole thing was greatly edified by it.

I, too was stumped at step 7 of Pam's workflow. With the help of some friends at, this is what I eventually came up with:

I added a Color Balance adjustment layer heavy on the yellows (+2, -6, -54). Since I really never could get the hang of the Lighting Effects filter, I added a very simple Curves adjustment layer to brighten the scene, and then a hand-made "light vignette" (essentially, you make a new layer, fill it with black, punch very big hole in the middle leaving just a bit at the borders, and then heavily blur the borders [GB between 150-200] -- it makes it look like a very subtle light is focused on the middle of the scene.)

My end result was identical to Pam's and "step #7" took about 1 additional minute to accomplish.

Since this thread is linked on other websites as a tutorial for the PWL method, it keeps appearing even though it's an old topic. I thought I might help someone else by giving my interpretation of step #7.


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