Canon 400mm 2.8 Mk1 or mk2?

Started Feb 11, 2007 | Discussions thread
Sam Jones Regular Member • Posts: 344
Re: Canon 400mm 2.8 Mk1 or mk2?

I owned the original 400mm F2.8 USM lens. Don't bother with it at F2.8 it lacked good contrast, in comparison to canon's other super telephoto USM lenses of the day. It showed CA on Velvia at F2.8, something I rarely see on digital files on the 1D NKIIN or 1DS MKKII. Several sports pros I worked alongside also didn't rate it compared to their other Canon super telephoto lenses. It was the only L series, large aperture lens, of that generation, without a flourite element.

Canon listened and released a 400mm MKII F2.8 MKII version, with flourite, slightly lighter. which was better optically. I use the 400mm F2.8 IS version. Optically it is slightly better than the non IS MKII version and fractionally more resistant to flare.

I use IS for low light portraits, during an event, and press conferences and therefore would not be without IS as an additional tool.

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