A theory for discusion

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A theory for discusion

Ok...this is a discusion forum about cameras right....we are all interested in cameras, and the direction that rapidly advancing technology is taking cameras design

I shall throw this in as a theory...I am not sure I believe it to be true...but what do you guys think ?

The SLR design is a proven model...has a very wide base of legacy accessories and very high performance

The big manufacturers have huge vested interest in keeping DSLRs widely used, as once a user has "bought into" a system he/she sticks with it and spends a fortune on accessories (lenses/flashguns/flash frames etc etc)....obviously profitable ...right?

Now...along comes the prosumer camera...with live preview/movie mode/ swivel LCD...but it is still falls short at high ISO/burst/focus, poor EVF etc.

ALL the areas where the prosumer cam falls behind the DSLR are mere technological hurdles that can and will be overcome....soon

Nikon/Canon can see the writing on the wall...so what do they do?....drop the price of DSLR bodies to near P&S prices to stimulate demand while they still have a performance advantage over the soon to come new cameras.... some which may well have interchangeable lenses...but will not be DSLRs as such in that they will have live preview etc kinda like a Sony R1 that works properly

My hypothesis is that the DSLR has almost reached the limit of its development...without undergoing a fundamental redesign.....DSLR die hards swear they dont want live preview....why on earth not ? at least as an additional feature

The DSLR will live on...sure, but better faster designed cams are on the way, and they probably wont be DSLRs

One analogy that I can offer is the electromechanical cassette tape recorder...towards the end of its era...before MP3, it was a superbly advanced device...amazing search facilities ...superfast rewind/FF, small, beautifully engineered (look at a high end cassette walkman from Sony from 1995)....thats the current DSLR...very very good, but on the way out

What do you think?

Vaughan....KodakP880 (my carry round) Sony R1..like this one/Nikon D80/Sony 717 (a fine cam)

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