F31fd ISO-Flash Matrix, and my impressions

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Re: shutter priority tricky

If you have a 30D, you know what exposure is and what shutter speeds you can reasonably hold. You knowledge can be generalized to the F31 - try different metering (spot), watch your shutter speeds, use your feet instead of zoom, and don't be afraid to raise the ISO to 1600 - or even 3200 if you are post processing. Try a video out as well - the low-light prowess of the F30/31 works well on video as well.

dave_bass5 wrote:

Hi Guys
I got my F31FD yesterday and still finding my way around it. I like
it though, big improvement over my Canon Ixus40 from a few years
Im off to a small pub gig tonight. any tips on setting the camera
up? There are no spot lights so on the band, its really just
ceiling lights although not on full power so im thinking ISO800
maybe or just using Natural light preset.
Although i understand all about + -EC, ISO etc as i normally shoot
with a Canon 30D i would just like to get some pointers specific to
this camera rather any theory.


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