c2100 vs. c700

Started Feb 8, 2002 | Discussions thread
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Re: more fuel to the fire (NT)

Daniella wrote:

yea...show me your photos that are better quality than mine...

BTW...another one dead..do you have an extended warranty? they
seam to die quite a bit lately...maybe its a curse ?

You know, I was on Cnet today checking on another item I was considering and just thought I'd see what they had to say about the C700 and the C2100 just for grins. I found it noteworthy that there were a lot more people sharing their opinions about the 2100 yet fewer of them were negative. Common comments about the C700 were about poor image quality, excessive CA, and hard to get sharp handheld full zoom shots. It seems this is the kind of information that you don't care for potential C700 buyers to see.


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