Good to "Upgrade" from D70 to D40 ??!

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Re: Good to "Upgrade" from D70 to D40 ??!

I have just bought (back) into Nikon. I made a mistake of selling my D50 last year because I got a bit fed up with carrying a lot of kit. However, I found not having a DSLR worse !!!

I bought a Pentax K100D but felt that the speed and image quality didn't match my old D50 and I wanted to get back into Nikon - the choice before me was D40, D50 (bargain price before they all go) and D80.

I consider them all to be worthwhile and rather than trying to work out which is the 'best' camera, I thought more about what I wanted to use the camera for and what lenses would best meet my needs.

The D40 really appealed because of the lightness and out of the camera images - however, one of my requirements is to have a 'bigger lens' because i do quite a lot of wildlife shots. I also really fancied the versatility of the 18-135 range on the D80 lens kit.

In the UK, I had not been able to find a body only D40, I bought the D80 with 18-135 kit and a 70-300 lens. I am really happy with that combo and because of the large size of the two lenses, I would have lost the advantages of a smaller. lighter body.

From the info that the original poster gives, a move from D70 to D40 sounds like it has benefits for that person.

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