A short tutorial on old compact Metz flashes

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Re: A short tutorial on old compact Metz flashes

Hi, Jens!

JensR wrote:

Hi Phil!

Excellent overview, thanks! And thanks for the plug

You're welcome!

  • the SCA 3083 (even more expensive, around 50 Euros) that allows

the flash to act as a wireless slave in different combinations.

It is over-engineered (IMO) if you want to use it as a dumb
trigger. It can be set to ignore a preflash (which is hand) but the
high price is due to it enabling wireless TTL and even preflash
(with other brands). EDIT: You mentioned this further down, sorry.
Dumb triggers can be bought for 10 Euros, but they will not ignore

Yup. With "in different combinations" I meant the ability for a master/slave control circuit with one MZ40 acting as master, and others with the SCA 3083 as slaves. For a dumb trigger it's indeed quite expensive.

cable; the SCA 301 has an 2,5mm plug (female) built in,

Really? Are you sure you don't mean the 3001? I only have the 301
and I think it does not offer this. I'll check tonight.

I have two 301s - and both have that unobtrusive hole. I asked Metz support what plug to use, and they said any standard 2.5mm one would do. It works!

40 MZ-3: Same size, features and layout as MZ-1, but with second
reflector as MZ-2. No ND filters for second reflector. Acoustic
signaling feature same as with the MZ-2.

I'm pretty sure my 40 has that ND filter. I'm not sure though
whether it is for the second reflector or the auto metering cell
(to create overexposure)

Ahh, my fault. I stand corrected. The MZ-3 has them - as I wrote the MZ-3 I recently bought hasn't reached me yet, and so I looked in the manual to find out - but I overlooked it. Yes, it has both grad filters for the secondary reflector.

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