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The unit I originally purchased from David Chan in Hong Kong was an empty system, which I filled with pigmented inks from MIS (Quadtone for B+W). It is the same as that shown on eBay.

The MIS units (CFS they call them) was complete with pigmebnted inks for the 1200 Epson and use plastic bottles with holes in the lids through which to poke the feed tubes. They also have a small ho,.le to provide ventilation.

Although the Kyson (as do most) look similar, the actual construction of both cartridges and, more importantly in this case, the storage/supply units (including how they attach to each other) are different - mainly in quality of materials used. The cheaper ones from Hong Kong have problems with cementing between base units and upper parts in that on mine - and a colleagues - the joint failed fairly soon after installation.

The Kyson ones are far better constructed and of different materials. The cartridges are also better made too, although I suspect these are probably mainly from just one or two manufacturers in the Far east, as are most things these days.

I am perfectly happy with mine and the inks are excellent. As said, I took a chance when I purchased mine that it would work OK in the Canon and, if you like, it proved to be OK in all respects. My general feeling is that many claims are made to enhance the price quoted. I have inspected many CIS units at the compuiter fairs in the UK, especially when they flooded the market.

I could at this time mention that a colleague in the UK bought one of the cheaper eBay units and said he has been more thn pleased with the results - and I respect him as a good photographer - so perhaps he has been lucky as no leaks or problems over the past 6 months since installing his unit.

I can only report as a user who has tried, to date, 3 separate systems - and the MIS CFS complete for the 1200 was an expensive error. I now have an Epson 1200 Photo printer that is totally clogged, an unused (well - how can I use it?) MIS CFS system that with an extra 100ml of each inks sits useless in the cupboard.

Hope those comments help.

The photograph isolates and perpetuates a moment of time: an important and revealing moment, or an unimportant and meaningless one, depending upon the photographer's understanding of his subject and mastery of his process. -Edward Weston

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