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Thanks for your comment BUT I have absolutely NO connection with Kyson USA other than as a more than satisfied customer. If you had bothered to check my profile you would see that I am a very experienced photographer/teacher who actually setup the first independent photographic tuition centre in the UK back in 1972.

I can understand that you might think some are posting under the guise of being independent BUT I have installed and used MIS inks on two Epsons and can state that my Epson 1200, working perfectly before with dye inks from PrintRite (only reason for changing was removal of the PrintRite cartridges due legal pressure from Epson over a five year battle, which you can read about if you wish) so I was worried I could not get cartridges with good stable inks, hence wish to change to a CIS and decided to go with the pigmented inks from MIS; this 1200 has totally clogged (I even had the unit replaced by MIS due excessive ink emissions causing large splodges of ink on the print which could not cure despite folling several directions from MIS) and is now no longer usable.

The 1160 has MIS Quadtone pigmented inks. I am just about able to keep this running for B+W because I only use the black ink. However, the other three greys just clog and clog. I can use cleaning cartridges, running several cleans, then leaving printer for a couple of days for the cleaning fluid to full clear, then replace the CIS and get it all working, only for two of the nozzles to clog again overnight!

I took a chance (as was about to sell the Canon i9950 due its 2 pl nozzles, which MIS said unsuitable - "only the later Pixmas with their 3 pl nozzles could have MIS pigmented inks") and bought the Kyson CIS with pigmented inksets for the i9950. Considering my 6 abnd 9 picoliter nozzles in the Epsons had clogged, I certainly would not like to use MIS pigmented inks in the 3 pl Canons.

Because I was so pleased with the Kyson unit and inks, I posted my message. Unfortunately, especially in this Forum, it would appear no one (well hardly anyone) bothers to read posts before starting a new thread - hence lots of posts on the same topic. I found myself posting copies originally, then just a message to read my postings from my Profile. That would have been unneccesary had people here checked before posting.

So, I am not someone who has any financial incentives to post favourable messzages about Kyson. I thought I was posting to help others find an excellent system, with excellent inks at a fair price.

I hope you will have the courtesy to post a reply withdrawing your allegations. Thanks in anticipation.

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The photograph isolates and perpetuates a moment of time: an important and revealing moment, or an unimportant and meaningless one, depending upon the photographer's understanding of his subject and mastery of his process. -Edward Weston

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