A short tutorial on old compact Metz flashes

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Re: A short tutorial on old compact Metz flashes

Hi Phil!

Excellent overview, thanks! And thanks for the plug

  • the SCA 3702 (expensive, around 40 Euros), the dedicated Pentax

AF adapter that transmit all sorts of camera data to the flash
(e.g. ISO, aperture, focal length);

The 3701 works exactly the same BUT it has problem with Auto modes. This was first reported by RichardDay and verified by me (and maybe others). We assume it is due to the communication of Smart Auto mode values. The problem "only" occurs with higher ISO sensitivities. The 3701 is slightly cheaper than the 3702 (and more common on the sued market). But I would urge anyone to either buy the 3702 and get proper Smart Auto for the whole ISO range, or the 301 and save money with "dumb" Auto flash.

  • the SCA 3083 (even more expensive, around 50 Euros) that allows

the flash to act as a wireless slave in different combinations.

It is over-engineered (IMO) if you want to use it as a dumb trigger. It can be set to ignore a preflash (which is hand) but the high price is due to it enabling wireless TTL and even preflash (with other brands). EDIT: You mentioned this further down, sorry.
Dumb triggers can be bought for 10 Euros, but they will not ignore preflashes.

for details on this); with the *ist D and Ds there is even TTL
support (albeit limited to ISO 200 and 400).

You can use flash exposure compensation to remedy that: For each ISO step beyond 400, the TTL metering overexposes by one stop. When in Av mode, EC becomes FEC and thus it is easy to correct (within limits of course).

cable; the SCA 301 has an 2,5mm plug (female) built in,

Really? Are you sure you don't mean the 3001? I only have the 301 and I think it does not offer this. I'll check tonight.

40 MZ-3: Same size, features and layout as MZ-1, but with second
reflector as MZ-2. No ND filters for second reflector. Acoustic
signaling feature same as with the MZ-2.

I'm pretty sure my 40 has that ND filter. I'm not sure though whether it is for the second reflector or the auto metering cell (to create overexposure)

40 MZ-3i: Same as MZ-3, but additional support for some cameras
(non-Pentax). See 40 MZ-1i.

Good info, always wondered about that one.

Here a peek on my growing Metz family

I'll spare the forum a collection of my Metz and Braun SCA flashes. I suffered from FBA beyond reasonening

So I'll just say that I use my 40-MZ3 and 32-MZ3 intensively and sometimes together.


PS: Sorry, it took me 3+ hours to complete the post, so apologies to anyone who postes something similar before I did.

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