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Re: The big question

I just might, since I plan to compare the IJF and the MIS inks. As to using it all the time on my r1800? I need to do the window test first. I have yet to set CIS and OEM prints at the window, and see if the CIS inks fade. I tested against my old Canon i960, and the i960 faded within a month. I sell prints, so the fading issue is important to me. Color and quility wise, yes, I would use it on my selling prints. I have printed several prints, on both the CIS and OEM inks, and hardly anyone can tell the difference. If the window test goes well, then after I go through my box of OEM inks, I will use it on my 1800. Saving over $1,000 a year is nice.

Wayne Solum wrote:
Would you hesitate to install this system on your R1800? Are you
going to any time soon?

Drayken wrote:

Wayne Solum wrote:

Are you using pigment or dye?

Me? I am using pigment.

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