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Re: Injetfly R340 CIS / empty, MIS B&W

jfh1945 wrote:

I now have the empty Inkjetfly CIS on hand for the Epson R340.

I'm building up this printer for dedicated B&W, and have an MIS
UT-R2N cartridge set on hand. I've done the R340 waste ink mod and
will install the external tubing and tank tomorrow, I think--

As soon as I get the MIS cartridges sorted out, I'll do a B&W MIS
installation into the InkjetFly CIS.

I think we ought to revisit your initial review thread, Drayken--or
set a new one up for these three writeups.

I definitely think new threads are in order, when the inks are compared. This will keep the reviews of the whole systems and reviews of their inks, seperate. Anyone can feel free to copy/paste my original review to any other post regarding the CIS. I almost always have buyers remorse, and regret not trying the "other" product, but not this time. For printing on glossy and pearl papers, there is no doubt that my IJF CIS is perfect for me. I have run more cleanings on my OEM ink r1800, than I have on my CIS r800. I do wonder if it is the CIS or the inks that cause most of these clogs. I personally think it has more to do with the CIS themselves, so am glad that I chose the IJF. I figure this is a two part system. The CIS, and the ink. I got one part complete for sure (CIS), and am 90% sure I got the other also (ink). Over the next few weeks or so, will reveal the ink side of it all, since a few people are doing comparing. (I will be also doing direct comparisons)

I read in a mag that Lyson cave inks were good, but have not read too many real people's views.

Goodluck to those who are buying the CIS systems that require assembly. (syphening the ink and all) I personally think that this is where clogging issues may arise. Air in the lines and such. Another reason why I chose the IJF, fully assembled.

And I read on another post, a person badmouthing about every CIS setup besides IR. Even though he hadn't tried some of the ones that he was badmouthing. Beware of those type of "reviews". I don't know if any of the other CIS setups work as well or better than the IJF, and have been searching for the answers concering the inks. What I do know is that the IJF is working flawlessly, and is by far, a great price for what you get.

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