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Re: Business advice requested

caniche wrote:

Your photo equipment, like any other personal asset an employee
uses for business purposes, should be compensated for somehow by
your employer (when sales people use their own vehicles to call on
customers, they get paid milleage for the depreciation of their
cars at a fixed rate...)

This prompted another thought from outside the photography box: when my company offers me a car, let's say a small economy gas saver of their own purchase, no power amenities etc, AM/FM radio get the point...they may feel no obligation at all regarding my decision to drive my Suburban with it's heated seats, leather, fancy stereo, power everything and 12 -15 miles per gallon gas guzzling. This may be a far more comfortable and restful way for me to call on clients, but if I have resentment over my additional mileage and wear and tear on my vehicle, I could always go back to the economy car provided by the company.

The more progressive company may tell me they were prepared to allocate $.xx per mile to the car expense, and can offer that as comensation, but I'll have a difficult time getting more than that and it may not cover my personal expense. The less progressive may say "Choose - yours or ours."

If this analogy holds up, and I believe it does, it's purely a matter of choices; at which point, holding another person responsible for our decisions isn't all that good.

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