Exposure Compensation vs ISO

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Re: Gee, am I just reading the original question "wrong"?

yes, somebody decided for us how smart we are, what we are able to comprehend, what should we know about "how the stuff works". as if our understanding does not affect our results.

instead of helping understanding digital photography they are dragging here unnecessary distorted film analogies, as if many of the current dSLR shooters ever used film in their lives and care for "sensitivity". anything but base ISO and gain is not passing Ockham's Razor. it is vain to do with more what can be done with less. contrary to the example (school, teacher, heat transfer and quantum thermodynamics) you suggested we are trying here to reduce the number of variables.

they mislead us with unacceptable explanations of what is exposure in digital cameras. we are not given any hints that white balance is a part of exposure, and that bumping ISO we actually cause underexposure.

while we already know too well that camera noise performance depends on the correct exposure vitally. vague explanations scratching the surface do not help those of us who want to know our tools to get results as close as possible to the optimum.

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