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Re: Efillink.com CIS

Doug Lenos wrote:

I am currently evaluating the inkjetfly cis on my R1800 for Leo. I
plan on posting to a web site once complete. I have no affiliation
at all w/ IJF just a lot of experience w/ several CIS's - Media
Street, InkRepublic.

Ronnie at efillink has also asked me to install and do an unbiased
review / critique of their system - I will take him up on it but
not until later in Feb.

If anyone wants to 'document' their CIS install - I will be glad to
host it - in fact I am thinking about starting a simple wiki on CIS
systems for folks to post/comment on... any takers on
reviewing/installation and setup posting?

Doug, I have read too many CIS posts to get them all strait. Are you the one that was going to compare the inks as well? I am already happy with the operation of my inkjetfly CIS on the r800, but am interested in the performance of the IR/MIS inks. I told Leo that I may try their inks, once I run through his, to see if there are any differences. I have a Pulse, so I make my own profiles. When the dust settles, it may be one CIS system, but another's inks. One huge thing I loved about the IJF, was that it was already pre-assembled. No needles, syringes, syphening, etc... (sorry if my spelling is bad) I have yet to have any air bubbles or anything, so I am somewhat afraid to use an "empty" CIS, and then fill it. So if that is what you are doing, then I excitedly await your ink reviews on the IJF and the IR/MIS. If you do make any kind of informational site up, I can offer some insight on the IJF setup. I wrote up a review on here already, but as time goes on, I am sure I can add to it. Good luck, and keep us informed.

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