PMA - any new lens speculations ?

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Re: PMA - any new lens speculations ?

I don't like to feed rumours either but I was covering a sport tournament in Wellington, New Zealand the other day. One of the other agency photogs had been at the Australian tennis open and said he'd spoken to a Japanese photographer who'd seen an early prototype of a 500mm f2.8. According to this guy's story (and I don't know him) Canon are still working on ways to reduce the weight and are aiming to bring this rumoured beast out in time for the Beijing Olympics. There's supposed to be other big announcements in the pipeline too.

Personally, I'll believe it when I see it. But the idea of such a lens is rather tantalising. I've got a 300mm 2.8 and I've wondered in recent months what I'd get if I had the money, a 400mm 2.8 or a 500mm f4. I'm tilting towards the 500 despite the loss of a stop. A 500mm 2.8 would be the ultimate.

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